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Fixing the flaws with Nukeproof pedals

Nukeproof Electron Evo Pedal

Nukeproof Horizon Comp Pedal

Now the first thing I have to say is I love my Nukeproof Horizon Comp an Electron Evo Pedals, however both have minor niggles that need to be taken care of. I put Electron Evos on my hard tail and instantly loved them, the only real problem with them was that the axle comes lose over time. This is easily sorted with a drop of lock tight on the threads, not sure why this isn’t done from the factory to be honest, no biggy we can sort it and live with it. Just remember you need an 8mm hex key in case it comes lose, thanks to F for having one the first time it happened.

So having had my Electrons for about a year the only other problem was that I managed to destroy one of the plastic pins got taken out. So when I build my Santa Cruz Bronson I decided that I could have the ‘in theory’ better Horizon Comp peddles being slightly lighter and having all metal pins front and back with plastic at the sides. On the bike they looked great, however after only a couple of rides, pedal strikes had taken out all the plastic pins on one pedal, the other was missing some as well.

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